Villa Kerylos

On the shores of the Mediterranean, between Nice and Monaco, the Grecian Villa Kerylos is one of the most extraordinary sites on the French Riviera.

he period the French call the “Belle Epoque”, and is a quite unique an re-creation of an ancient Grecian dwelling, complete with wall decorations and furniture.

It stands as the tribute to Greek civilization of two great enthusiasts for Ancient Greece:

Theodore Reinach, an archaeologist and patron of the arts, and Emmanuel Pontremoli, an inspired architect.

Based on the design of noble houses built in the 2nd century BC on the Island of Delos, the Villa Kerylos invites visitors to step right back into Ancient Greece.

The arrangement of rooms to the stylistic details of the decor, was designed to recreate the atmosphere of a luxurious Grecian villa.

The garden contains a pleasing mixture of typically Greek plants: olive trees and vines, pomegranate and carob trees, acanthus and myrtle, oleanders and irises, pine and cypress

trees, palm trees and papyrus all help to create Mediterranean sunshine.



At the heart of the villa, open to the sky, painted with ancient style frescoes relating to famous episodes in Greek mythology.

The dance floor always takes place in the Perystile