About us

Indulge in LUXUS exclusive services dedicated to the rediscovery of the true essence of time.

Our international agency - coordinated by Creative Director and Founder Paola Sermidi - debuts in Milan, disclosing the finest “nonpublic access paths”, with special private appointments to the premises of the “Made in Italy” excellences. 

LUXUS provides its Clients with unique tailor made services through first class experiences of VIP events such as business presentations, corporate events, private fashion shows, visits to top designers’ private furniture and high fashion Ateliers, access to contemporary fine Art collections sale, arranged appointments at High Jewelry Ateliers with private viewing of unique collections. 

On top of that, LUXUS is able to make every important celebration of your life become distinctive and unforgettable, arranging it with special care in every detail. Your wedding day, an anniversary as well as a birthday party need the best location and the assistance of specialized professionals. LUXUS, with its ability to set up highly sophisticated and exclusive events, unlocks doors to an entirely customized stage where our Guests, playing the lead roles, can immerse themselves in quintessential emotions of the finest Italian style.

LUXUS makes you participate in the sophisticated atmosphere of the prestigious “ateliers” and V.I.P. Lounges of the most important Fashion and high Jewelry Houses, Home Design Ateliers, Private Art Collections, and find yourselves right at the center of the demonstrations, with high profile entertainment. 

LUXUS philosophy is to meet its Client's highest needs and expectations through an individualized  and tailormade approach, based on the acknowledgment of the client's psychologies, desires and dreams so as to select, one by one, the most appropriate and suitable ingredients for creating their personalized exclusive event. In LUXUS, the Client’s image is key in the organizational process and it is emphasized at every step with passion and dedication. In other words, Luxus is number one in setting up events that will leave your guests literally awe-inspired.

LUXUS is coordinated by Creative Director Paola Sermidi.