Castello Degli Angeli

The farm road access to the Castle of Angels, through its vineyards, an immediate sensation of distance from everyday life to a wondering travel dedicated to yourself…

The eighteenth-century Cloister, Peripato of meditation, tells the story of people who for centuries have lived and nowadays dedicate authentic charm to their guests.

The main hall, Nave of the Conventual Church welcomes with delicate elegance the magnificence of an area without borders.
Next to it there are two rooms, Frescoes and Coat of Arms, enriched by the splendor of ancient paintings, are intimate spaces for meditation, but at the same spaces dedicated dance and music playing.

In the parks the enchantment of nature evokes relaxation and well-being and the majestic bicentennial Cedar embraces its guests, giving them safety and shelter.

The Park Pool, a space of modernity and design, instills a desire to rediscover it after event is over, as a place for achieving the fullness and totality of the party.